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Your website is a living, breathing part of your corporate presence, so you want it to stay up-to-date.

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Can you see the difference?

A head-to-head analysis of products reveals their strengths and uncovers their shortcomings. Arcana provides a detailed account of how similar vendors match-up and gives the recommendations necessary to boost your performance.

Through collaboration with you, Arcana develops evaluation criteria and a scoring system based on your business. We then collect the product and vendor information through direct vendor contact and independent research. You see the results in a single report.

Saving you time

When we execute your production and vendor evaluation, you save time. With all the data collected and quantified based on your specific needs, you make better business decisions.

What products can we evaluate?

Our expertises in software and digital media make us specially adept at evaluating software and online services. Past projects have included online payment providers, web metrics products, marketing distribution services, and version control software.

Case Study: Vendor Evaluation

Challenge: A company is looking at implementing a new metrics package (or content management system or a multitude of other digital media tools). With several eager vendors from which to choose, and in-house expertise to conduct the assessment, the company cannot dedicate the resources to do all the required research.

Action: Following stakeholder interviews to compile system requirements, Arcana assesses potential vendors against the requirements and reviews the results with internal experts. A short list is created and information sessions between the internal experts and each vendor are arranged and held. Resulting sessions involve Arcana detailing and discussing the results with internal experts, preferred vendors are identified. Arcana then oversees the service and price discussions, the best of which are presented to the internal experts.

Result: With key personnel involved throughout the process while not neglecting their day-to-day responsibilities, the company is able to weigh the information provided and select the vendor they believe is best suited for the work. If during this process the company lacks the internal expertise necessary to make an informed decision, Arcana assumes more of a mentorship role. Arcana will educate clients about prospective vendors, explain the pros and cons of each option and provide a plain-language summary of the vendors they deem worthy for selection.

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