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Established in 2008, Arcana Trading Company Inc. (Arcana) is a Toronto-based software business specializing in driving value through objective analysis, thoughtful planning and hands-on fieldwork. Arcana has an intimate knowledge of digital media and management science thanks to the experience of its principal: Jennifer Spiess.

Occasionally, people ask about the meaning of our name. According to Wiktionary, Arcana means 'specialized knowledge that is mysterious to the uninitiated'. We like to say that our specialized knowledge revolves around knowing how to extract and then act on the truth, even when it's hidden or confusing. In this sense, we transform the arcane into your arcana.

Jennifer Spiess, President

Jennifer Spiess (Big Thumbnail).jpg With a background in both engineering and finance, Jennifer Spiess has spent the last 20 years developing technology-based solutions to business challenges. Jennifer has developed and overseen successful branding, client retention and communication solutions for leading Canadian financial advisory clients, such as ScotiaMcLeod. These projects include website development and relevance management for nation-wide group financial products, as well as for individual financial advisors and also, mass customization tools for creating personalized client experiences.

Jennifer joined Arcana after 16 years in private consultancy to the financial industry on effective client communication using digital media. Previously, Jennifer held the following positions:

  • Principal Consultant - Jennifer Spiess Consulting
  • Systems Analyst, Software Sales Process - Northern Telecom
  • Network Engineer - Northern Telecom

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