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Space Shuttle (300x225).jpg Management science the application of advanced analytical methods to help make better business decisions. It uses quantitative techniques, such as mathematical modelling and statistical analysis, to find the optimal solution to business problems.

Arcana has been using management science for its clients since the beginning. We started with digital media and software businesses, but since the analytical methods are independant of industry, we began servicing clients in other areas, such as Finance. Applying scientific rigour to business problems is a fascinating endeavour and one we never tire of.

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Business Case Development

It sounds like a good idea, but is it? You may have a hard time getting approval based on your instincts alone, so you need a strong business case to support you.

Arcana can help you create a business case that explains your project scope and quantifies its value to the organization.

Case Study: New Product Analysis

Challenge: A company is considering a new digital media product and believes it's a good investment, but has no concrete information to support its position.

Action: Arcana undertakes a comprehensive examination of the new product. It factors start-up costs and ongoing operational costs. It reviews comparable products, determines the estimated lifespan and potential returns that would be realized from the prospective product. The resulting report details the expected value of the new product, given various business scenarios.

Result: Understanding the conditions necessary for the product to be profitable, the company can now make its decision to invest in the opportunity, or disregard it, based on incisive information.

Product & Vendor Evaluation

Product & Vendor Evaluation - Tertiary.jpg A head-to-head analysis of products reveals their strengths and uncovers their shortcomings. Arcana provides a detailed account of how similar vendors match-up and gives the recommendations necessary to boost your performance.

More about Product & Vendor Evaluation »

Process Optimization

The quality of your interactions in-house can reflect the extent of your company's success. Arcana examines team interactions with an eye to improving processes and maximizing productivity.

Value Analysis

Distinguishing which of your initiatives generate the best ROI promotes a culture of efficiency and prosperity. Arcana's Value Analysis service measures returns -- both direct revenue and indirect value -- and identifies the resources that can maximize your earnings.

Case Study: Value Analysis for a Large Internet Division

Challenge: Investing significant dollars each year in online initiatives, a large company does not know which efforts are returning value and which ones are operating at a loss.

Action: Offering its expert insight on digital media properties, Arcana works with the company to define the return it receives from its online initiatives. These include indirect returns that are not directly quantifiable, such as promotional value. Arcana quantifies and measures the indirect return for each initiative and combines it with direct revenue to obtain the gross value of each program. Once we determine those costs, we report on the net value of each initiative. Some efforts running at a net loss may be adapted if they show the potential to deliver higher value.

Result: The company clearly sees which initiatives deliver value and which initiatives are a net cost. This process is typically followed by a strategic review to determine how some initiatives can be adjusted and improved, while clarifying which elements of successful initiatives could be applied to other efforts. The value analysis also creates a value baseline that can be used to show the impact of changes to initiatives.

Cost Analysis

Better understanding your costs can help you focus your strategy and execute your plans. Arcana's objective cost analysis streamlines your operation and details expenditure reductions while still helping you achieve your objectives.

Investment Valuation

Opportunities may be abundant, but exceptional opportunities are rare. Arcana will help you to determine the value of prospective investment opportunities, including comparative analyses between building from the ground up or acquiring an existing company.

Mathematical Modelling

If you understand how something works, you can harness it for your benefit. Models are used in business, science, and engineering not only to predict future outcomes, but also to predict how you can affect those outcomes.

With the mathematics to support your model, your predictions are less subjective. In addition, you can easily run through a large number of scenarios to optimize your predicted result.

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