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Technology We Support

Arcana has experience with the following technologies:

Programming Languages

  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Java & JSP
  • C/C++
  • Perl
  • Python
  • Visual Basic
  • C#
  • Flash ActionScript


  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle

Website Publishing Tools

  • Dreamweaver
  • WordPress
  • MediaWiki

Digital Media includes websites, online videos, banner ads, social networks, mobile apps and more. It encompasses any form of electronic media that is stored in digital form.

Arcana has experience with all of forms of Digital Media. When we started in 2008, Digital Media was all we did. Now, clients ask for an expanded set of services, but Digital Media remains close to our heart and a vital part of our service offering.

Below are the most common Digital Media services we provide. If you require a different type of assistance on your Digital Media project, contact us and we'll help you out.

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance - Tertiary.jpg

Your website is a living, breathing part of your corporate presence, so you want it to stay up-to-date.

However, website development is not your line of work. That's why clients have us maintain their websites: updating bios, posting press releases... It keeps their websites fresh and looking professional.

More about Website Maintenance »

Wireframes & Information Architecture

Wireframes & Information Architecture - Tertiary.jpg

Before the web designers start their work, they need to know what they are building. The wireframes and information architecture are blueprints that explain what information should be on your website and where that information should be placed.

Wireframes and an information architecture are crucial first steps for a website with good usability.

More about Wireframes & Information Architecture »

Website Development

Website Development - Tertiary.jpg

Are you building a completely new website? Maybe you have a website, but it's time for a redesign? Or do you want just a little refresh? From concept to launch, and anywhere in between, Arcana can help you build your website.

More about Website Development »

Website Hosting

Website Hosting - Tertiary.jpg

You many have special requirements that cannot be addressed by "off-the-shelf" providers. That's why we provide customized configuration, monitoring, and maintenance for website servers.

With geographically separate server sites, we maintain standby mirror servers to protect against unforeseeable disasters. We also use the Arcana Server Monitoring Suite so that we can find any problems before anybody else does.

More about Website Hosting »

Website Monetization & Revenue Generation

Website Monetization & Revenue Generation - Tertiary.jpg

Arcana will work with you to optimize the revenue potential of your products and platforms, while developing a strategy built around definitive goals. Furthermore, we'll recommend a mix of alternatives -- from integrated advertising, premium sponsorship opportunities, commerce initiatives, subscriptions, and custom offerings -- to achieve those objectives.

More about Website Monetization & Revenue Generation »

Web Metrics Process & Infrastructure Development

Web Metrics Process & Infrastructure Development - Tertiary.jpg

You have the data in front of you, but what does it all mean? Do you have the right data to make the right decisions, or is it buried under irrelevant numbers? With in-depth experience measuring and analyzing digital media properties, Arcana ensures you make better informed decisions concerning processes and infrastructure. You optimize the value of your metrics investment while minimizing the costs to maintain them.

More about Web Metrics Process & Infrastructure Development »

For more information, contact us:

  +1 716 405 0205

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